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Clash of Clans is an apple game for iPhones or iPads in which one builds a base with walls and defenses to defend against other players' attacks. Building your defenses and upgrading your troops takes in game currency gained by raiding others and real time to complete. You can join clans of players online, which are groups of people who chat together, donate troops to each other, and participate in clan wars together. Resources accumulate in your collectors, and can then be used to upgrade buildings to improve your base. Clash of clans is less of a serious game for me, because it is not nearly as complex or competitive. This is a game that i play to occupy my time, to play with friends, or just because I usually enjoy it. I have gone through many periods of inactivity and activity, and despite most of my friends getting rid of the game one by one, I still get entertainment from it, and still play. I give this game a 4/10 for gameplay, and a 5/10 for enjoyment; but rated against other apps only I would give it 10/10 for enjoyment and 8/10 for gameplay.