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League of Legends is a MOBA, or massive online battle arena, in which one plays as various characters with premade skills and abilities in 30-45 minute "games". After making an account on the League website, a new player can launch the game, enter an online queue, and be matched with 9 other people in an intense battle. In this game the objective is to work with your 5 player team to kill enemies and destroy the objectives, and victory is granted upon destruction of the enemy nexus. After a game, experience and ip are rewarded, granting out of game account levels and Influence Points, which can be used to buy new champions from the store. Champions are the premade characters available to all players for differing amounts of influence points, and they are what you will play as during a game. This game is extremely entertaining to play with friends. The games are long, but the mix of strategy and combat make it a balanced game fit for all ages and it is rarely boring in game. Solo ranked ladder mode is fun as well, adding a section of intense competition to an already great game. I spend most of my time playing ranked, often with friends, though recently I have not played much of this game. Despite going through many dry spells where the game does not seem to offer much entertainment value for me, I always go back to it after a respite and play with renewed interest and competitiveness. I would give this game 9/10 for gameplay and 8/10 for enjoyment factor.