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Mount and Blade:Warband is a midieval warfare game with both single player and multi player modes. In single player, you are a mercenary captain trying to rise in power, and can eventually become a lord or even King. The basic mode is a wide overview of the world map with a small figure representing the player and other figures representing bandits, various lords and kings, and villagers etc. When visiting a location or fighting a battle the view switches to 3rd person right behind your character. The single player campaign is a fun mix of strategy, combat, and politics. Multiplayer is much more difficult, and pits player vs player as individual units which can acquire equipment based on the money given on each particular server and the troop's faction. Different game modes are offered, so you can besiege a castle, fight an endless deathmatch with every man for himself, play a battle where everyone on either team has only 1 life, and many more options. This game is my favorite out of all games that I have played and the one which I have played most consistently. I spent a few months becoming good at the single player before venturing into multiplayer, and it is the multiplayer which has occupied my time since. The game can quickly become addicting, despite being hard to get the hang of at first, and will leech all of your time away. I like the community and how I can play the game with the other players who are on the server while talking to them in teamspeak. I have joined clans and become a part of the dying community that waits for the sequel, Bannerlord, to finally come out. This is a great game and though it is slowly declining, it has amazing reviews and I would give it 10/10 for single player, 8/10 for gameplay, and 10/10 for enjoyment factor.